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Saturday, 14 September 2019


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I heard Enya in 2004, thanks to globalization and the internet. It was Saturday, and I was just preparing the draft of a vendor payment. From a google search, I clicked on her Album, "A day Without Rain". The first song gives you the feelings of happiness and joy. It is a perfect album to heal you for anything. It is actually the sound of joy and sorrow. ENYAS, voice is soothing and divine. One could use this album as a chicken soup for healing.

The album is a true masterpiece and invokes a variety of emotions in you. Enya's voice is like a divine who is blessing you from the lord's kingdom, a prayer that heals and only benefits human soul. There are numerous artists on the globe, but she is incomparable and blessed by the almighty. Her voice hits the right chords. It doesn't matter where you are on earth, Enya's voice is beyond boundaries. A voice with beauty, depth and range. She is an inspiration for all artists. If you want to write poetry, listen to Enya's voice, the words will flow out of you automatically like sunrise and sunset.

Grew up in the north west of Ireland, brought up speaking the first language Gaelic, Enya is blessed by the Irish folk songs. She is not only a good singer, but a composer too. Irish music has great influence on Enya. When you hear out Enya, it always felt that so many singers are singing, but in actuality it is only one voice, thanks to the overdubbing process. It is nothing but recording a voice or instrument sound over and over again. A lot has been said, that Enya is not doing world tours, live performances. But I sometimes ask questions to myself that , behind every work which involved a huge team effort , there's something called, " driving force", which requires to push you to do a certain work. Some people's priorities are different. I believe Enya clearly understands her priorities. Nevertheless, she did stage shows as and when required.

Celebrating, A Day without rain

  • A Day Without Rain
When you listen to this song, it gives you the feeling of people who are hopeful and have immense faith in the almighty. Another word for this song is, the meditation song. I associate this song with all farmers, whom rain is the necessity for better crop output. On the other hand, this song is for those who cherish their memories. Memories which inspire to do good. This song brings peace and the piano makes you dream. Dreams that have only colours and hope. 

  • Wild child

Immaterial of the meaning , this song always gives me the visuals of a mother running after her child. The child is naughty and curious, wanting to know more about the world. He will ask all those questions to his mom, who is his immediate friend and the mother would also answer all his silly and sensible questions. 

  • Only time

One of the most sensible and thoughtful compositions by Enya. You have a question, time will answer it, just go with the flow of time and do not anticipate things. Because every wound and medicine take time to show effects. Time has the solution to all the problems. With time you may also come to know the reality of life. All good and bad things in the world happen at the same time. Death and birth are inevitable and happens at the same time. The journey of human life is a time bound gift by the almighty. Let's not interfere with his creation and challenge time. 

  • Tempus Vernum - spring time
The times of hope and rejuvenation. Tempus vernum is a Latin name for the spring season. The song while listening sounds like a war song or a feeling of infiltration but it is not. It is about welcoming the new things happening in nature.

  • Deora Ar Mo Chroi
If the above song lyrics is not your native language, no problems. Enya's voice is ethereal here. You can make out your own version of understanding. I don't know the meaning of the word, but surely when you listen to this, you will create your own story. Whenever I hear this, I visualize a soldier is going to battle to protect his country, his beloved mother and wife seeing him off and cry their heart out, as if he is not going to come back. True, music is free from all boundaries. 

  • Flora's Secret
If the lover's heart can sing, flora secret is the song for them. This one is the epitome of beauty and elegance. Enya's unique and flawless voice can be heard infinite time for this one. It touches your soul and the innermost emotions that you feel for your beloved. Those who are in love must By heart this for their partners. A perfect ballet and date song. My precious. 

  • Fallen embers

I Am alone and pleading to the universe,

" come back to me"

Without you there is a hollow and life is a curse,

" come back to me"

Another beautiful masterpiece by Enya. Its peaceful and full of life in it. The lyrics are so moving that creates both sad and happy feelings. The song takes you down memory lane and questions you. Questions that only your heart has answers to it. No mind games. Enya had first recorded this in 50 vocals. Later it was decided to have only one vocal. Good decision, really impactful. 

  • Silver inches
Short and sweet melody with appropriate use of instrument. The beautiful thing about Enya's composition are they can be associated with any life events. This is the sound of dedication and discipline. The sound of marching towards happiness and a new beginning.

  • Pilgrims
I start my journey to somewhere called destination. I know I reach there and do things , which are beyond my control. The only thing in my control is to choose the destination and the ways to go there. The maple falls from the tree and destined to become dry. The tree sees its leaf that makes him sad and cry. The wish that never fulfils making you rough and hard. The road that goes to wisdom will never be on your card.

  • One by One
By all means this is heavenly composition. Peaceful and it gives the feeling of being in an extremely cold place. By cold I mean, tranquillity and pure bliss. Enya's voice is gifted to mankind by the almighty. Do any activity and the sound of this song will inspire you for sure. If you are feeling low and depressed than this is the sound for you to get back to life. Just put your earphones on. Period.

  • Lazy days

The last but not the least

The wind but not the breeze

Into the dark but not scary

I know you; you are my fairy

The angel but not the gods

The path but not the roads

Into the red but not cherry

I know you, you are my fairy

Success and fame are two different things - Enya

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