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Wednesday, 18 December 2019


There's a saying,  " Every Child is an artist "
How true ! When we are small children, we actually know how to befriend art. Because we experiment with art , without worrying the outcome of it. At that tender age, we are less bothersome and carefree with our thoughts. As we grow old, very few can achieve the artistic feat and rest of us choose a life of a steady income which support us in the long run.

How many of us can really convert our passion and hobby into a profession?

Yes there are people who born with unique talent and, Vilas Nayak is one of them. If Painting and speed painting would have another name, it will be Vilas Nayak.This world renowned self taught painter has started sketching at the age of 3 without going to any art school. VIlas inspired from musician and nature and says, nature always inspire him.

Vilas Nayak

His speed painting session is just not painitng but it is a blend of music connecting the art. Every picture he paint, is connected to some form of music.

Vilas started his first painting live on stage, when he was in college in 2003-2004. He was not serious then, until recently he took part in a talent show, India's got talent, where he got the recognition and fame. Ever since then the journey begins with seriousness. Quit job to pursue his passion for art. Painting became his full time profession.

Vilas strongly believes that to become a speed painter, one must learn fine arts. Further elaborating on this, Vilas feels, speed painting is like twenty twenty cricket. If you think first you play twenty twenty and then test cricket, you will fail miserably . For achieving success in speed painting one must have learned the basics right.

It is very important for an artist to get his viewers involved in his craft. When performing live in front of the audience, painting especially speed painting is not an easy task. You are very near to the big canvas and you do not know what's going in the mind of the audience. So each stroke should be a master stroke that should result in clappings and cheers from the audience.

Vilas believes music helps when he is performing live.  It creates mood and justify the subject of painting. For example , if he is painting portrait of St. Mother Teresa,  the song heal the world is perfect to connect with the audience in the background. Also his work becomes easy, in front of a customized audience.

One thing must be noted here , painters normally are serious with brushes and concern with only paintings but Vilas Nayak is a speed painter with entertainment. His whole act is just not painting.The outcome will amaze you and touches your heart.

Some of Vilas paintings is associated with social cause like , peace, child labour, women power. He feels that with commercial painting, depiction of social causes on canvas is what interest him the most. Artist is some one who respond to whatever happens in the society, Vilas believes this strongly and yes it is true, any artform especially painting must depicts the environment around you. Worked to raise charity, Vilas maintain the balance his profession with social responsibility. This golden heart artist so far raised 1million US dollars for charity through his art performances.

VILAS Nayak Live Shows :

India's got talent
Asia's got talent
United nations general assembly, Newyork.
NBA Halftime, USA
Singapore President Star Charity
Got talent world stage
And across 23 countries worldwide

Some of Vilas painting strongly support the following massages:

Stop Child Labour
Every Child is special
Crime against women

Vilas Nayak quickest painting was the portrait of Gabbar Singh ( famous Hindi film, Sholay character) which he finished in just 2.5 minutes on the India's got talent show.


Your art is wonderful really ! quite a miracle
                             Dalai Lama, spiritual leader

This is unbelievable,  this is real talent

                                   Pele, football player

You have beautiful hand and great imagination

          Late. APJ kalam, Ex- president, India

And many more, this genius is blessed with supersonic speed and every piece of art is his best works. SBMs wishes him a journey full of colors and happiness.


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