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Tuesday, 29 December 2020


background music

Background music is the essence of all visual entertainment.  To be able to select appropriate background music for your video is a task. Music selection should match the content and soul of the project and at the same time should be engaging and gripping.

Not every time you require a background music, but most of the time it is the requirement of the project. It is a task to search a good background music and that too free of cost is the biggest challenge.

We are talking about the best background music that would be available free to download for your video making. The sound of the music can be used to different contents. For instance, if your video is just about display of nature's best photography or any tutorial, you would be able to use the same music in both videos. You can use the sound for videos, podcasts, documentaries, social media content, memes, film scenes, websites and commercial projects. The list starts with:


You tube audio library

The best place to get ample number of background score available bother free and with require attribution. This place is the most used worldwide for various audio-visual projects. If you have a YouTube channel then directly login in to YouTube studio and get access to the audio library or directly key in YouTube audio library from your respective web browser.



The most popular royalty free music source worldwide among content creators, ncs has a vast music library that can be used by the creators under fair usage policy.

Another trusted source where you can download royalty free music for your projects. Only thing you have to respect their free usage rule (Mention in your project) and respect the free license terms.

For e.g.:  mention music source:

The destination of free stock music where you can download free music and use it freely for your YouTube videos, blogs, social media platforms, websites, podcasts and in online advertising.

Restrictions: Do not use mixkit music in Video games, tv and radio broadcasts and in CDs and DVDs.


Here giving attribution is appreciated but not required.

music quotes


Currently available on play store, this music app let you create your own groove sound. If you have a good sense of music, try groovepad, it is equipped with buttons that can create background sound for your online projects, with free version. The paid version also has number of good options like hip hop, trap, edm, techno etc.

Here you get unlimited music for your projects. This platform works under creative common license. The music can be used here with some conditions applied. You need not have to login here, just simply listen your preferred sound and download directly from Check there FAQS section before using any piece.

Usage of music is free on this site only if it is used in non-commercial project. For commercial use, donation is required to get a usage license.

Meaning of Royalty free music

Royalty free music is not available free to use in your projects. In a nutshell royalty free music allows the purchase to pay for the music license only.





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