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Monday, 29 March 2021



Oscar awards are every person's dream who is associated with show business across the globe. Ever since its inception, the academy awards have evolved profusely. Filmmaking is a serious business.it takes immense hard work, hours of brainstorming and a creative intelligence to make a film.

The peoples on the screen are responsible equally as the people off the screen. We sincerely feel, Oscar academy should also honour the following team members, who are equally responsible for the film success:

Best Stunt & thrills Award

Stunts are crucial in a film which deals with action and conflicts. The thrills too are equally responsible to make a film interesting and engaging. The academy should introduce this new category as we have seen many good action-packed films in recent years which needs recognition.

Best location manager award

Location manager is an important asset to any production. The person is responsible for how the entire film would look into real motion. Scouting an apt location for the film which should match with the scripts is a big work and exhausting work, which should be acknowledged and acclaim.

Best ' No mistakes' award

Often it is found that the biggest and successful films have some mistakes in it where you can find various props and continuity mistakes. These mistakes are small, but often catch the eye of your audience.

Are you taking your audience for granted? Despite paying the continuity person, such mistakes are acceptable? It's right that the audience will not pay attention to such small mistakes but as a team, is it viable to sell such products to your viewers?


Best Assistant award

It could be anyone from assistant cameraman, assistant to director to production assistant. There are other assistants who also play a crucial role in filmmaking. This category needs attention and recognition.

Best color award

The philosophy of light and color is crucial in filmmaking and color is an essential component in visual storytelling. Color is used to set the feel and atmosphere of the story. Not only the sound and acting, colors do invoke specific emotional responses in the audience. The color timer is the person who is responsible for the appropriate mix and balance of the color. The film matrix got its effect with the brilliant use of the blues and green color.

The person responsible for the color processing must be awarded because to create a perfect balance of hue, saturation and value is the biggest art.

Best post production supervisor award

The post production supervisor is responsible to maintain quality control, once film shooting finishes, he takes active part in graphics, audio mixing, editing needs and all other technical aspects. The post production is responsible for smooth operations till the film is released in the theatre and hence deserve recognition from the jury.

Best music mixer award

The final soundtrack of the movie is incomplete without the balance of music score. Sound design and music mix needs time and hours of rework. The music mixer adds value to the dialogues and creates lasting impact on the viewers. Best music mixer award category by the academy will certainly be encouraging.

The academy must think of these categories as they are crucial components of filmmaking. What other categories do you think have left to include? Please share your opinions in the comments.

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