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Friday, 21 May 2021


thriller genre

The genre thriller is an all-time saleable one. Thriller content has a dedicated audience and it opens with good response. A good thriller film is one which surprises and shocks the viewers till the end. The essential element for a thriller film includes:

The Trust factors

The story in psychological thrillers usually unfolds from the perspective of a protagonist (or an antagonist), but how can we be sure that said protagonist is not a criminal or has a negative shade?

The script writing should be heaven in a format where it creates confusion in the viewers mind and should contain surprises.

Anxiety and Uncertainty

A good thriller is always increasing the anxiety, uncertainty and scares. The use of scares should be used sparingly and ingeniously, to ensure audiences are questioning what’s real at every turn. An element of excitement and an atmosphere that creates anxiety and anticipation is essential to create chills and scares.

Erotic scenes

Some movies are based on it. Others used steamy scenes for relief. Intimate and sleazy scenes should be a part of the script. The purpose of such scenes should enhance the storyline. The bathtub scene of the classic film, "The Shining" is absolute genius. It serves the purpose of the story line.

The erotic scenes used in the 90s murder thriller "The Basic Instinct" is the demand for the script and complements the whole story till the end.

Act of impersonation

A good thriller always flips the character's role to create suspense and mystery. The good turns bad and vice- versa and impersonation of characters increases excitement and hence surprises the audiences. The action thriller film face-off and Mission impossible 2 are the classic examples of impersonation.

Shocking and playing with the mind

It will play with the mind of the audience. The moment you think, this is for sure, it will change and shock your imaginations. Sometimes what is true is true but full of lies. Sometimes the character will tell a lie to protect the truth. A good thriller should possess such quality to play with the mind of the viewers.

thriller films images

Good background score

A good background score is always an icing on the cake. An appropriate background music should always engage the audience throughout the storytelling. Upon listening one should get ready for the rollercoaster ride of the thrilling story. The purpose of a good background score in a thriller film is to set the mood of the scene and story and invoke emotions in the audiences

The paranormal angle

Sometimes you feel it is the ghost involved. Such curiosities are helpful in playing with the psychology and mind of the viewers. The ghost element always helps to engage the audience in the scenes and the story.

Synopsis and trailer of a thriller film

Finally, when you present your final product in front of the viewers, it must have a good synopsis and powerful trailer. A synopsis is a summary of the work. The audience will decide to watch the film, if your synopsis has words which could drag them to view the show. Similarly, a trailer is a short audio-visual glimpse of your story which is more impactful than the synopsis. With a good trailer, even a bad film can drive good traffic to the theatres.


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