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Thursday 12 August 2021


hindi sad songs

Love is beautiful and nurturing. Without love every aspect of life is meaningless. When two individuals come together or fall in love, it is not two people, but two energies that wish to seek happiness. Falling for someone without any benefits can define true love. It's a pure feeling that cannot be merely expressed in three words.

Happiness is the foundation of lovers followed with trust and respect. Falling in love is easy but it brings a lot of pain when you find you have been deceived or cheated by your partner. This is less of a physical and more of emotional pain and is directly related to the trust. If you break trust of your partner, it will directly destroy your relationship. Trust is like a thread that defines the strength of a relationship.

Another important thing is the behaviour patterns in relationships. The reason why a couple falls out of a relationship after sometime is nothing but the behaviour of the partner. Specially the narcissist's behaviour of your partner kills your identity and it directly affects your cognitive ability.

Defensive nature is an integral part of human life, especially in arguments, everybody wants to win. Heated arguments digging out the past mistakes and keeping score of mistakes are signs of falling age old happy relationships. The need to understand and be calmer in such situations corrupt the mind in order to take one on a guilt trip.

Millions of lives are living on this planet just in the hope that one day their partner will understand and things will come back to normal.

This is the biggest defeat of love when you are begging your partner to make him or her understand your feelings. One wrong misunderstanding or communication gap is enough to break a healthy relationship.

In the majority of cases, people are confused with the definition of a life partner. Sometimes it's just an attraction that drives you to fall in a relationship. Sometimes attraction develops later in the arranged marriage scenario. It is always advisable to be interdependent on each other immaterial of whatever marriage you do. People fail to understand true love is like a sea voyage where one partner must trust the other's capabilities. It's like taking care and giving love from both sides.  If one can't swim then it's the other partner's duty to put a lifejacket on the one who can't swim. This way both can sail safely to the shore.

Loveship is a kind of mystery, those who are lucky and have abundance of patience, morality, maturity and forgiveness are able to solve this mystery. Most importantly, you need to know yourself really well before trying to know your partner.

Most of the time people move on to find another paradise, but a few would still fight to get their relationship back on track. No matter who has cheated on whom or who has shifted the gear, it is the strong connection between the two souls that keep them saying that there is still some hope to reconcile.

Hindi films, popularly known as Bollywood have the most beautiful collection of sad songs. These songs are just not a piece of music, but a story, hidden with many emotions. 


BEST 100 Bollywood Sad Songs


1. Sab Kuch luta ke - Ek saal

2. Hum dard ke maron ka- Daag

3. Duniya badal gayi - Babul

4. Jane na dil ki lagi - Buzdil

5. Bhool gaye kyon deke - Anokhi ada

6. Phir aah dil se nikli - Mela

7. Tum rahe na tum hum rahe na hum- Kagaz ke Phool

8. Chand phir nikla- Paying guest

9. Jaun kaha bata ae dil - Choto behen

10.Dil ka khilona - Gunj thinks shenaye

11.Phir Koi chot mohabbat ki - Dil ne phir yaad kiya

12.Yaad na jaye - Dile ek mandir

13. Mujhe bhool jana - Taqdeer

14. Din dhal jaye - Guide

15. Lag ja gale - Woh kaun thi

16. Jo humne - Woh kaun thi

17. Aa Jao Tadapte hain armaan - Awara

18.Teri yaad dil se- Hariyali aur raasta

19. Raha gardishon mein hardam- Do badan

20. Aa laut ke aaja mere meet- Rani Rupmati

21. Jana tha humse door - Adalat

22. Jis dil Mein basa tha pyar tera - Saheli

23. Waqt karta jo wafa - Dil ne pukara

24. Hum pyar mein Jalen walo ko-  Jailor

25. Uthaye ja henke sitam - Andaz

26. Tera jana - Anari

27. Na tum bewafa ho - Ek kali muskayee

28. Bedardi balma - Arzoo

29. Main to tum sang nain milake- Manmauji

30. Aaj dil pe koi zor chalta nahi - Milan

31. Agar mujhse mohabbat hain- Aapki parchaayian

32. Yeh shaam ki tanhaiyan - Aah

33.Aansu bhari hain - parvarish

34.Keh do koi na kare - Gunj uthi shehnai

35.Teri raho Mein khade hain - Chaliya

36.Tum mujhe yu - Pagla kahin ka

37.Koi sagar dil ko - Dil diya dard liya

38.Sau baar janam lenge - Ustado ke ustad

39.Hum the jinke sahare - Safar

40. Do dil toote - Heer Ranjha

41. Main to Deewana - Milan

42. Mere Mehboob- Mr X in Bombay

43. Kya se kya ho gaya - Guide

44. Dil todne wale - Son of India

45. Ajnabi tum jane pehchane se - Hum sab ustad hain

46. Mujhe teri mohabbat ka - Aap aaye bahar aayi

47 Tujhe humne mohabbat ka - Patthar ke sanam

48. Betab dil ki – Haste zakham

49. Aaj socha to aansoo – Haste zakham

50. Koi Nahi hai phir bhi hai mujhko – Patthar Ke Sanam

51. Mere Tumhare beech mein ab to – Jhuk gaya aasman

52. Koi jab tumhara hriday - Purab aur paschim

53. Meri Zindagi mein aate - Kanyadaan

54. Khush rahe tu sada - Khilona

55. Pardesiyon se na - Jab jab phool khile

56. Kabhi khud pe kabhi halat pe - Hum Dono

57. Fiza ke Phool pe - Safar

58. Teri duniya se hoke Majboor- Pavitra papi

59. Ja re kare badra - Dharti kahe pukar ke

60. Teri galiyon mein na - Hawas

61. Ankhiyon Ko rehne de - Bobby

62. Hui Sham unka khayal aaya - Mere humdum mere dost

63. Mere dushman tu meri - Aaye din Bahar ke

64. Chingari koi bhadke – Amarprem

65. Ye Dil Tum Bin - Izzat

66. Koi hota jisko apna - Mere apne

67. Dil aaj shayar hain - Gambler

68. Tere bina Zindagi se- Aandhi

69. Jabbhi hi chahe - Daag

70. Na jane kaise - Badalte rishte

71. Jind le gaya - Aap ke saath

72. Sheesha ho ya dil ho - Aasha

73. Zindagi imtihan leti hain - Naseeb

74. Pardes Jake pardesiya- Arpan

75. Har ek jeevan hai ek kahani - Bezubaan

76. Yaad aa rahi hain - Lovestory

77. Hum bewafa hargiz na the - Shalimar

78. Mere pi ko pawan- Gulami

79. Kahi na ja – Bade dilwala

80. Kisi nazar ko tera - Aitbaar

81. Lagi aaj sawan ki - Chandni

82.O priya priya - Dil

83.Aaine ke sau tukde - Maa

Dil Kehta hai - Akele hum akele tum

Ab tere bin - Aashiqui

84.Jiye to jiye - Saajan

85.Tumhe dekhe meri aankhe - Rang

Pyar ye jaane kaisa hain - Rangeela

86. Tu hi re – Bombay

87. Mere sanam – Tere mere sapne

88.Ye dil deewana - Pardes

89. Koi fariyaad- Tum bin

90. Jiya jaye kaise - Tum bin

91. Meri duniya mein - Tum bin

92. Aakh hain bhari bhari - Tumse accha kaun hain

93. O sahiba - Dil hai tumhara

94. Badan juda hote hain - Koyla

95. Hum to dil se hare - Josh

96. Meri chahat ka diya- Devdas

97. Ja sanam mujhko hai - Na tum Jano na hum

98.Tere liye - Veer Zaara

99. Do pal ruka - Veer Zaara

100.Zindagi ne Zindagi bhar gham diye- The train


 "Loving your spouse's family will solve half of 

your relationship problems"  -  Unknown













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