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Tuesday 11 January 2022


how to play an instrumet effectively

There is no defined formula of success in any field. Success is like a cake, to enjoy the sweet taste of it the Baker must know the correct recipe of the cake.

In the field of music, learning the system is an important task. The system here is referred to as small small steps to achieve mastery in the music. In this article we shall focus on the path and processes that are essential to achieve certain feats in the music field.


It is just not practicing a music piece. The question is how often you practice. Practice instill confidence. When you play that piece again and again without referring to the sheet, you become part of the musical instrument. It becomes so natural , natural the way you breathe. Practice makes you competent and fearless. Remember, it is not difficult to play a difficult tune. It is difficult to attune to a particular instrument.

Never ignore the fundamentals

The creation of a new tune is called pure artform, to convert it technically into the final product is a science. It is the science of sound and technicalities. In the field of commercial music, You cannot ignore the science to create art.

Know your instrument well

Get intimately familiar with your instrument. By this, it means about the make, nature, sound, parts, distance while playing and accessories. Here adjusting the parts, tuning and how you contain it on your body ( specially string instruments like guitar, sitar etc) is important.

Make your body able to play

A specific energy is required to play an instrument. By energy we mean the power to play an instrument for hours. To do so, one must learn how to maintain a balance posture while playing the instrument. With due respect, a heavy body and an unstable mind cannot play guitar for long hours than the one who is fit mentally and physically.

Sleep and habits

Music is a kind of meditation and in order to master it one must obey the code of it. A healthy body and mind are essential for an artist to achieve success in this craft. Healthy routine habits and lifestyle decides how long an artist will survive in this field. Sleep is an important factor to keep the immune system healthy. In fact, sound sleep is the most key element to keep the body healthy and mentally stable.

What is your type?

Sometimes it happens you don't have a choice to select and things get inherited or imposed. Ask yourself a question, which instrument? And why do you want to play it? It is very simple but yet complicated. Understanding your own strengths sometimes becomes weaknesses.

Maintenance of your instrument

It is a good practice to check your instrument performance on a regular basis. String instruments require special attention in terms of changing strings on a time-to-time basis. If you ignore this aspect, it will affect the sound of the instrument game and in turn affects your performance.

Worshipping Instrument

In some cultures, people used instruments in worshipping. In the temples and churches, instruments have been used for worshipping the divine. Producing music is a divine thing and is part of the cosmos.

It is a general practice in some countries, artists worship their instrument before playing to show respect and to seek success in the music they play.

It is very subjective to worship your instrument or not.

Gratitude and respect

Always respect the art you are in. Gratitude and respect come in the absence of arrogance and jealousy. Keep your life simple and stay focused on your craft without getting disturbed. Appreciate others' performances and listen to others work as much as you can. Compete with yourself. Set a daily routine to keep yourself busy. Practice small pieces regularly and gradually attempt the big and hard notes.

Eat Sleep Practice and REPEAT

No matter what your priorities are in a day, keep on practicing your instrument. If you want to excel in the craft of music, only regular practice will sharpen your skills. When you play in practice sessions, always keep a realistic approach and record your tunes. Later make it listen to the prolific people and commoners. This will help you to rectify your mistakes for good.

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